“He loves to teach and help new professionals.”

ABOUT Thom Goracy


With over fifty years in the business, Thom’s numerous achievements span over an extensive period. The following provides a brief highlight of Thom’s most impressive accomplishments:


Administrator/CEO for Dental Associates of Connecticut, PC During a 14 Year Period.

  • Increased share value 125%.
  • Increased production 150%.
  • Created a culture of doctors and staff working together to provide patients with superior customer service.
  • Added 12 new partners with seven retiring.
  • Added a fourth office.
  • Increased employee count by 25%.
  • Transformed a “Good Company” into a “Great Company” by changing the culture.
  • Purchased several practices and negotiated procurement of patient records.
  • Brought disparate entities together to achieve goals for the greater good of the group and worked effectively with 20 partners who differentiated by age, temperament, success, and many other factors.


Dental Consultant During 20-Year Period:

  • Provided services including: training in management, analyzing and solving business problems in the areas of marketing, case presentation, productivity, post treatment activities, personnel, and preparing policy and procedure manuals.
  • Developed “selling skills” training seminar for dentists and their staff.
  • Developed training video “The Consultive Approach Case Presentations”
  • Strategically involved in acquisitions for Professional Dental Associates, Inc. in Massachusetts.
  • Brokered over 35 successful professional practice acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Provided services in the preparation of loan request packages for start-up, expansion and acquisition purposes.
  • Provided seminars, on a fee basis, for management, sales, marketing, and human resource issues.
  • Presented at School of Dental Medicine, University of Connecticut, Health Center.
  • Annual lecturer at University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School of San Antonio.


General Manager Dental Supply Company During  Three Year Period:

  • Increased sales 75%.
  • Built a strong service relationship with our customer base.
  • Approached by numerous doctors for advice on their practices which lead to the formation of a dental consultant practice.