We Help Dental Practices Become Bigger, Better and Stronger

Thom Goracy has been in dentistry for over fifty years.  After speaking with many doctors, Thom saw the need for a qualified hourly rate dental practice consultant, an experienced, objective person to discuss issues with the practice such as:

  • Should I hire an associate
  • Should I sell shares to an associate
  • Should I move my office
  • Is it time to expand
  • How can I grow my practice
  • Should I buy a particular practice
  • Should I join a particular practice
  • Should I increase my fees
  • How should I pay an associate(s)
  • Where can I obtain a loan for my practice
  • How can I improve staff morale
  • Am I getting enough new patients
  • Can I afford to go high-tech
  • Is there someone who can help mediate partner relationships
  • General practice reviews


Can be adapted to either Tier One or Tier Two Program

  • Practice Management Consulting/Coaching/Mentoring

  • Dental Practice Transitions

  • Starting a Dental Practice

  • Developing Communication Skills

  • Leadership Training

  • Dental Marketing Strategies

  • Strategic Planning

  • System Implementation and Analysis

  • Treatment Planning and Case Acceptance

  • Developing and Effective Hygiene Program

  • Implementing Growth Strategies
  • Working with Financial Institutions
  • Goal Setting
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Controlling Overhead
  • Patient retention
  • Team building skills
  • Working with Associates
  • Maintaining Profitability
  • Effective team meetings